Salami Tijani, MBBS, MPH

Dr. Tijani Salami is the founder of the Sisters Caregivers Project Initiative. He had over a decade of experience as a Physician and a Public Health expert, advancing the area of Reproductive and Sexual Rights.
He is leading advocacy, education/information, and empowerment on Reproductive and Sexual Right social justice through research and intervention. He has a passion for female Adolescent’s Reproductive Health and vulnerable rural women. His campaign currently is on policy advocacy for Reproductive health information/education in the Community Health structure and schools to raise awareness and increase knowledge and change behaviour and attitudes towards Gender-Based violence.


Dada Michael Sunday
Clergyman/Medical Doctor

I am Doctor DADA Michael Sunday; ordained minister of the gospel about two decades now, Graduated with B.Sc First Class Honours in Human Anatomy University of Maiduguri, Nigeria February 16, 2006. Participated in compulsory National Youth Service (NYSC) 2006/2007 where I was also trained as a knowledge facilitator under the NYSC MDG project that gave awareness on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases to the host community during the service year for which I was given the certificate of merit.
I got married to a loving wife on November 22, 2008, and now blessed with four girls and a Son, we live happily together. Graduated with MBBS the August 2018 University of Abuja Nigeria.
Over the years as Clergyman, Anatomist, and in addition a Medical Doctor, I have used my position to preach, teach and counsel Spinsters, Bachelors, Couples, Family members, and Patients on Sexual and reproductive health and Environmental health so as to have a healthy living in a healthy society. On several occasions I have counselors couples on family planning, the practice of healthy sexual life, giving attention to child girls, maintaining sexual chastity, and shunning sexual abuse. Many times I engaged in cleaning the environment in the community I lived and mobilized natives to do the same.



Ebube Maduka
Medical Doctor

 Dr. Ebube Maduka, obtained her degree in Medicine and Surgery, from the University of Saint Petersburg. She has 3 years of experience in Medical practice to include Reproductive and Sexual Health among Rural communities in Nigeria. She educates, counsel, and Administers Contraceptives for married women as well follow them up. She is also involved in screenings and treatments of Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the health centers particularly the neglected cases of Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and Chlamydia. She organizes Health education for the youths as target audience teaching them how to avoid school dropouts that arise from early pregnancies. Narrating her experience, she identified lack of awareness to contraceptives, crude methods or unsafe methods usually traditional as challenges confronting Reproductive Health among women in the rural communities. Poor hygiene practice, poor access to potable water, and open defecation are major challenges of sanitation in the village.





Samuel E. Abah
Medical Doctor

Dr. Samuel E. Abah is the Dean, School of public health/health and social care, Coventry University, CUL. He is also the president of HolyNations Int'l Ministries, a UK based charitable organization with tributaries in Sub-Saharan Africa and reaching out to support the vulnerable group. Dr Abah is an expert in infection and immunity as well as public health and social care.  He is one of the stakeholders with Sisters Caregivers Project Initiative